Checking in.

Dinah Washington sung it best: what a difference a day makes... Or three or four months, but who’s keeping count?

And here we are. In the shit. For those of you in inner-/outer-/ cyber- space, you have probably noticed that dispatches from Marginal HQ have gotten miiiighty fucking sparse over the past months. The long and short of it is, between old jobs, new jobs, busyness, life changes, new horizons, and all that noise, the steely-eyed polemicists of Marginal Brevity have been all quiet on the western front. All of this ship’s crew have decided to move on and are wished the best. As for me (Jake), I am remarkably still here. I will be attempting to rejuvenate the MxBx now that COVID-19 has brought modern life to a near standstill.

On that note, if you are interested in peddling sharp wits and poking the unsuspecting reader in the eye with a sharp stick, I would be excited to share the space with some co-writers interested in what it is we/I do here. Intellect-chew-alls (pseudo or otherwise), commie pinkos, people of color, nonbinary folks, are especially encouraged to zip me a line. We need more of our writing out there and this humble, obscure, and widely ignored sliver of the internet might as well be a launchpad.

More brevity very, very soon.



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